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Redefining OTC Securities with Confidence

Ohanae’s Web3 Approach for Capital Markets: Tokenization, Equity Crowdfunding, Non-Stop Trading, and Atomic Settlement

Invest In The Future of OTC Securities

Unlock Opportunities Beyond Traditional Exchanges


Market Size 1

1 According to the annual report of the SEC’s Office of the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation for Fiscal Year 2021, private securities, with $3.2 trillion issued in 2021, is almost twice the size of the public securities market.


global crowdfunding 2 2 According to investment research and data monitoring platform Pitchbook, global crowdfunding grew from $8.61 billion in 2020 to $113.52 billion last year.


Exempt vs Public 3 3 “From July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, nearly twice as much money was raised in exempt offerings as through public offerings.” — SEC Commissioner Caroline A.


Redefine OTC Securities and Capital Markets with us


Power of Web3

  • Unleashed through Innovative Web3 Equity Crowdfunding and Trading Platform

Blockchain-Powered Security

  • Secure custody with private key protection and passphrase recovery

Seamless Transactions

  • Automated Market Maker (“AMM”) and Atomic Settlements using equity tokens and Ohanae Coins

Trust & Transparency

  • Built by tech veterans and made for all

Advanced Technology

  • Web3 + blockchain
  • Equity token and deposit coin
  • Automated market maker
  • Custody technology

Driven by Innovation

  • Roadmap for Future Special Purpose Broker Dealers & Investor Acquisition Strategies for Companies


Unlocking Access For All

What are OTC Securities?

OTC securities, unlike those on major exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ, are unrestricted securities traded directly between parties outside formalized exchanges. They’re typically traded through decentralized networks or electronic platforms.

Ohanae is poised to revolutionize the OTC Securities Market by simplifying complexities, mitigating risk, cutting intermediary delays, and enhancing overall efficiency.

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For Issuers On Ohanae

Invest and trade on our state-of-the-art platform

Fast and Secure

  • Blockchain finality in seconds
  • Private key protection and custody

Premium Support

  • Consolidated dashboard to track investments and ownership

Revolutionize Investing

  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Leverage the power of Web3

Confidence. That's Ohanae.

While we redefine OTC securities, bring investment opportunities to verified investors, safeguard digital asset securities and funds with real-time settlement, we’re also using the Ohanae Platform to raise funds for our Reg A+ offering.

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